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Product overview

Part name



  Diameter 0,015-9 mm

  Spring wire

  Diameter 0,5-7 mm


  Round, hexagon, square, flat, drawn, rolled or forged

  Sheet and Plate

  Thickness 0,4 – 100 mm, hot or cold rolled


  Thickness 0,0025 – 2,5 mm, Width 0,889 – 1219 mm


  Forged or die forged

  Tubing and Pipe

  Welded or seamless, diameter 0,3 – 1219,2 mm, Wallthickness 0,08 – 40 mm


  Elbows, Flanges, Tee‘s, Collars, Stubends

  Welding Rods and

  Filler metals on spools or in straight lengths, welding electrodes

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