Overview Materials Stainless steel Product range

Production Range

Vessel Components

  • Pressure and tossing vessels with and without double jacket resp. half-tube coils
  • Non-pressurized vessels
  • Storage/lab vessels
  • Filter housings

Tubings and Tubing Components, Agitator Shafts and
Centrifuge Components

  • Drums
  • Housings

Heat exchangers

Tube nest heat exchangers to DIN 28182 - 28186 and 28191 as well as special designs:
  • heating coils with single and multiple tubing

Vacuum / High Vacuum

  • Recipients

Agitator Elements

  • Solid of clad

Valves and Valve Components

  • Solid or lined

Range of Materials

  • CrNi steels
  • LC nickel
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Titanium Grade 1-25
  • Tantalum
  • Zirconium
  • Boiler plates H II with silver plating and plating of the materials mentioned above
  • Noble metals: gold, silver, platinum


  • Certification as manufacturer to AD leaflet HPO
  • Re-stamping certification to DIN 50049
  • Pressure test certification to pressure vessel
  • Welder certificates to DIN 8560
  • Production-independent quality assurance
    provides for constant product quality


  • Material-specific process resting to TRD 201
    and AD leaflet HP2/1
  • Vessel diameter 2500 mm max.
  • Sheet thickness 16 mm max. at sheet width
    2500 mm
  • Component weight 3 tons max.

Machining is made in accordance with the
VdTUeV material sheets and DIN regulations.