TIME GmbH - Technologie In MEtall

is a major supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, specifically designed for the use in the
chemical-,petrochemical- and general engineering industries as well as aircraft- and space
industries,medical, pulp and paper, off shore, power plants, food and marine industries.

We are specialized in the supply of hard to get products with non-standard specifications and also non-
standard sizes. We take pride in not only being competitive but moreover in being able to supply excellent
quality products that meets your needs and, of course, your time schedules.

We would like to welcome you to ask for any requirements you have now or in the near future, where you
feel, we could be of help to you. We can supply most materials in all basic forms like sheets, plates, pipes,
fittings, bars, flanges, forged and/or machined components and also finished vessels, columns, mixers,
heatexchangers etc.. We hope that this brief introduction found your interest and we would appreciate your
requests for further informations.