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In many applications where high temperatures and/or severe corrosion conditions require
reliable solutions, TIME GmbH can assist you in providing proper filter or filtration solutions.
We typically work with our customers in order to provide a customized solution in the most
economical way for each application.

We are offering engineered solutions which are in most
cases sintered porous metals or plastics.
Our scope of supply starts with filter media, filter cartridges and custom engineered filter solutions and
goes as far as complete filtration units and consulting services in filtration applications.

Core applications:

  • Catalyst removal from liquid processes
  • Product removal out of liquid processes
  • Dust/ Product dust separation in gas streams

The offered and used materials are typically metals or sintered porous metals and plastics.
A short list follows below:


Alloy 600, 625

304L SS

Alloy 400

316L SS

Alloy 200

904L SS


Alloy X


C276, C22 B, B2


Chemical/ Petrochemical Industry

Within this industry the reliability of process equipment is one of the most important aspects of operation.
TIME GmbH offers a large variety of filtration media and process filtration equipment able to handle
process in high temperature, high corrosion environment.


  • Catalyst removal out of oils and other liquids in high temperature and/or highly corrosive environment.
  • Fully continuous or batch operation. Filter elements or process recommendations/consulting services
     further complete process solutions
  • Separation of solids (mostly contaminants) out of process liquids of gas streams
  • Removal of products in gaseous and liquid filtration applications (filter media, filter element or complete
     filtration systems.