Filtration Fluidization Food & Drink Sparging Biotechnology


Efficient gas supply is one of the key elements in Bio and Pharmaceutical industry, where our
sparging equipment provides extremely high gas surfaces in relation to introduced gas volume.
This performance makes the process control easier to control and avoids unwanted side
reactions. In this area we offer mainly custom engineered gas distribution equipment, which is
mostly installed in reaction tanks. This includes bacteria growth and related applications.

Chemical/Petrochemical Industry

Within this industry the reliability of process equipment is one of the most important aspects of operation.
TIME GmbH offers a large variety of filtration media and process filtration equipment able to handle process
in high temperature, high corrosion environment.

Steam Sparging/Steam Heating In Processes

  • Steam introduction into reaction vessels
    for heating purposes
  • Steam sparging in pipelines
  • Sterilization and cleaning of equipment using
    steam sparging equipment

Oxygen sparging/Aeration

  • Porous metal sparger tips in biomass fermenters
  • Air or Oxygen sparging in bacteria growth aplications
  • Gas sparging in pharmaceutical processes
    (sparging lances/sparging tips)


  • Aeration of waste water with Oxygen or Ozon
  • Sparging of Carbon dioxide in to process water for
    pH stability and control