Filtration Fluidization Food & Drink Sparging Biotechnology

Food and Drink

In these applications we are provide mostly equipment and design expertise in protection of
products, enhancement of storage capabilities and fluffing up viscous products.

Gas Introduction/Sparging

  • Gas sparging into foods and drinks
  • Nitrogen sparging into edible oils (oxygen stripping)
  • Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen sparging into wine, juice for oxygen sparging (mostly Oxygen stripping)
  • Carbonation of drinks
  • Foaming and fluffing up of viscous products
  • Blanketing of bevarages during filling operations and transportation

Steam Sparging/Steam Heating in Processes

  • Steam introduction into reaction vessels for heating purposes
  • Steam sparging in pipelines
  • Sterilization and cleaning of equipment using steam sparging equipment

Gas Distribution

In applications where even and consistent gas flow is required, TIME GmbH offers a variety of diffusers
and aeration devices. These products can be offered in a variety of shapes such as flat pads to be mounted
in tanks, silos and pipelines.
Since we specialize in custom designs, please contact us for recommendations
geared for your application.