Filtration Fluidization Food & Drink Sparging Biotechnology


A fluidization application is defined as the introduction of gas into bulks and powders in order to enable and
ease filling or transportation processes for solid bulks.
We offer a variety of designs to be fitted into silos and tanks, from simple modular fluidizing pads through
sinteredporous metal or plastic plates/cones to drums and custom engineered assemblies.

Gas Distribution

In applications where even and consistent gas flow is required, TIME GmbH offers a variety of diffusers and
aeration devices. These products can be offered in a variety of shapes such as flat pads to be mounted in
tanks, silos and pipelines. Since we specialize in custom designs, please contact us for recommendations
geared for your application.


  • Fluidizer/Aeration pads, plates cones and other customer required shapes for transportation
    of bulks and solids (powders)
  • Static and dynamic fluidizer designs

Air Bars / Vacuum Holding and Positioning Devices.

  • Film/tape transportation
  • Vacuum rolls
  • Porous bar applicators
  • Vacuum chucks