Filtration Fluidization Food & Drink Sparging Biotechnology

Gas Introduction / Sparging

  • Gas sparging into foods and drinks
  • Nitrogen sparging into edible oils (oxygen stripping)
  • Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen sparging into wine, juice for
    oxygen sparging (mostly Oxygen stripping)
  • Carbonation of drinks
  • Foaming and fluffing up of viscous products
  • Blanketing of bevarages during filling operations
    and transportation

Steam Sparging/Steam Heating In Processes

  • Steam introduction into reaction vessels for
    heating purposes
  • Steam sparging in pipelines
  • Sterilization and cleaning of equipment using
    steam sparging equipment

Oxygen sparging/Aeration

  • Porous metal sparger tips in biomass fermenters
  • Air or Oxygen sparging in bacteria growth aplications
  • Gas sparging in pharmaceutical processes
    (sparging lances/sparging tips)


  • Aeration of waste water with Oxygen or Ozon
  • Sparging of Carbon dioxide in to process water for
    pH stability and control

Mining Industry/Gold Mining

In mining applications where gases, in many cases Oxygen, is introduced under severe conditions,
TIME GmbH offers sparging systems and completely manifolded, ready to use, sparging systems
for any custom application.

  • Oxygen leaching into tanks using porous
    metal sparger media.